Classic Cream Puffs

I filled the cream puffs with a simple homemade vanilla whipped cream, and dusted them with powdered sugar. I thought about doing a strawberry whipped cream (using crushed freeze dried strawberries for color and flavor) because I thought they might add to the girlie pink shower theme, but in the end decided to just keep them vanilla. Next time I’ll let myself be a little more creative.

There are truly so many wonderful things you can make with a good cream puff, both sweet and savory. I’m so glad I had the perfect occasion to make them for. You should have seen my boys when I gave them all the okay to come home after the ladies had left. They stood wide eyed at my little leftover dessert buffet and just gobbled everything up. Made for an easy clean-up!

These classic little treats are so easy and fun to make, and are the perfect vessel for a homemade vanilla whipped cream!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Classic Cream Puffs @

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