Apple Crumble Pie

I’m a huge fan of Dutch apple pies. Love me some crumbles. Seriously. I made this bad boy about two weeks ago. I was out of walnuts and did not want to go to the store/madhouse. I rifled through my pantry and found some hazelnuts in there, so I decided to give em a try. They were super yummy on this pie. Needless to say, shortly after making it, there was nothing left. Keep coming up with new stuff. I will keep making it. 

It was amazing! Mouth watering!! I also made them as individual pies in a bun tray and they worked very well too. ! I made this with pink lady and granny smith apples and used anjou pears as well. Fantastic recipe 

It was delicious. I usually lattice my apple pies, but now that seems silly. Crumble is less fussy and soooo tasty. Everyone loved it so I think it’s my new apple pie for turkey day! 

You won't be able to get enough of this apple crumble pie! This is a recipe to hold onto.

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Apple Crumble Pie @

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