Italian Christmas Cookies

These turned out great. I remember making them with my grandmother a few tiimes as a child. Just made these had about 48 total. Taste great wound you a bit more vinnala next time. Will make again for sure. These cookies are AMAZING!  

These cookies are a staple in my house for every holiday and I adjust the extract accordingly. Halloween and Thanksgiving I use pumpkin extract in the cookies and vanilla in the icing, for Christmas, anise flavoring in the cookies and fresh lemon juice instead of water in the icing, and for Easter, orange or lemon extract in the cookies and fresh orange or lemon juice in the icing and tint the icing with spring pastel colors. This recipes is very good and very versatile!! 

Easy to prepare, these colorful cookies, crunchy outside and incredibly soft inside, are an unavoidable and very popular part of the Italian festive cuisine. Their lightly sweet taste is again as most Italian cookies, perfect for dipping in espresso….or wine!

These Italian Christmas cookies have become a favorite Christmas recipe at our house. Try them and see for yourself how delicious they are!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Italian Christmas Cookies @

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