Christmas Shortbread Cookies

These Christmas Shortbread Cookies are very easy to make and you need only three ingredients for them flour, butter and sugar and if you want you can add vanilla extract. Quick and easy cookies are perfect for every occasion so you can make little presents of them. 

Fresh baked Christmas Shortbread Cookies are something you can’t omit in this part of year. I like when they stay on my table because they remind me on happiness and celebration of these holidays which are coming. I can’t imagine New Year without these lovely sweet cookies.

These Christmas Shortbread Cookies are so soft and nice and I am sure that you will love them on the first bite. I recommend you to immediately make double mixture because I know that you will enjoy in them. These Christmas Shortbread Cookies are real mini edible presents. Enjoy in this holiday magic!

Adorable, delicious, tasty and with only three ingredients! You need to add this lovely Christmas Shortbread Cookies to your Christmas!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Christmas Shortbread Cookies @

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